Fertilising the Soil

I’ve always had an interest, with subsequent excitement, in composting so I’ve been able to extend my interest at the Serpentine over the last couple of years.

The composting of garden waste, gradually breaking down to form a valuable asset in the garden can easily be achieved. Somehow there is a tendency to consider this a mystical process, whereas in reality air, dampness, a mixture of brown and green materials produces a superb brown friable material. I source additional materials to add volume, also alerting others to possible waste systems -coffee grounds, crunched egg shells, wood ash, discarded hops from the brewing process….

Using the wormeries provides a more concentrated product which can be directly used in planting. This vermicompost has many beneficial aspects to growth and the soil.

There are limitations to both composting and wormeries – cooked food can’t be used. I discovered the use of Bokashi, which is a Japanese fermentation system, also widely used in Germany. This accommodates any organic waste by layering food waste with special Bokashi bran, it ferments for a short period, rendering it suitable for placing in either a garden trench or compost. As rats are deterred from this product, it’s a positive solution. So far, I’ve explored this system at home, as it’s being introduced to the UK.

Want to find out more?

More information can easily be found on the internet. I’ve derived my knowledge through reading over the years, practice and gradually forming my own views that reach success. Here are sites that I’ve found useful.


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