Activity Log 2023

January 2023 –  Growing Plans discussed, developed and shared electronically and in hard copy at face to face event in P3. Use of Friends of Pavilion Gardens’ s noticeboard agreed. Opening hours, directions and fliers posted behind glass.

February 2023 – Seedy Saturday. £140 donations and fresh seeds. 36 visitors. Transition Buxton mounted a stall and display stand. Permission granted by Arboricultural Officer for removal of overhanging willow branches in wild area behind P3.Two James Grieve apple trees planted in compare and contrast Climate Change project. Heated propagation tray loan system for volunteers introduced. Tomatoes, beans and pot marigolds sown on home windowsills. Wild flower bank on brash and reclaimed soil constructed at edge of old depot.

March 2023 –  Extensive new raised beds constructed and filled in the old depot area. Seed swap box provided in Buxton Methodist Church foyer. Peak Environmental Services conducted soil analysis survey in old depot area.

April 2023 – Growing Well Programme 2023 started. New raised beds constructed. New entrance gate commissioned, approved and installed. Successful Expression of Interest in National Lottery Heritage Fund award.

May 2023 – Nature Tots programme launched.

June 2023 – family fun days offered on Sundays. Give Peas a Chance after school programme offered thanks to support from members and volunteers. Open garden for Buxton Garden Trail. Stall at Rotary Summer Fair. Programme of visits for Serpentine Nursery.  Social event for volunteers.

July 2023 – visit from U3A. Three Little Maids sculpture for the annual Flowerpot Trail.  Fringe event – Summer Beano. Venue for Fringe awards ceremony. Launch of Well Keepers project ( with Arts Council England funding).

August 2023 – permissions granted for arboriculture work in old depot area. Draft plan for initial clearing discussion initiated. Construction of ‘U’ shaped raised bed in old depot area. Joined High Peak CVS and Garden Organic (previously Henry Doubleday Association) as members.

September 2023 – Give Peas a Chance video shared. Second cohort of Growing Well groups for adult and adults with carers. First Growing Well group for primary school children launched in partnership with Burbage School.

October 2023 – Apple Day in the Community Garden. Cold frames repaired. Gourd crop left to dry ready for use as bird houses. Donation of useful gardening items collected and stored. Comfrey plants compressed for feed next year.

November 2023 – Well Keepers Exhibition and craft workshops in Green Man Gallery. Well Keepers video shared. Climate ands Envorment Conference in Octagon. 150+ participants from schools and college. SCG volunteers ran three workshops on soil science. Drainage improved to P3 Entrance threshold and small limestone clippings spread.

December 2023 – Christmas event at Thorneycroft raised £750. Winter Gathering social event in the Garden. Interviews for contracted bookkeeping and accountancy services held. Discussion on growing plans initiated. Polytunnels cleaned and sheds tidied.

January 2024 –   Growing Plans discussed, developed and shared electronically and in hard copy at face to face event in P3. Funding secured from Levelling Up fund support Community Infrastructure to improve on-site accessibility. Agreement to appoint a ABS Accountancy, a Buxton based service, on a monthly contract for bookkeeping and accounts. Director of ABS Consultancy volunteered to join trustees and the on Company secretary role on a pro-bono basis. Potatoes, onions and shapplts collected from Transition Chesterfield.

February 2024 –  Seedy Saturday. £160 (one one rupee) donations and fresh seeds plus £20 in Garden Organic box. 36 visitors. Chillis, tomatoes and basil seed planted in heated propagators in P3 and on home windowsills. Accessibility Audit.  Work started on repair and replacement of rotting timber on older raised beds. Nature Tots craft activities in the Crescent Trust Assembly Room. Presentation to Burbage Gardening Society.

March 2024  – Netting frame for brassicas in containers installed. Strawberry ‘wall’ installed in suspended pots on security fencing. Final draft of lease on buildings and land agreed ready for signature by HPBC and trustees. Landscaping specification for improved pathway and social space surfaces agreed and publicised.

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  • Dear Maria
    Good to see you’ve found the online site to complement the activity in the Community Garden.

    By Madeline Hall (04/09/2023)
  • Wow Madeline, I didn’t know there was so much going on behind the scenes. I joined the Tuesday group in March and find it so very rewarding-it’s definitely the highlight of my week.
    The only thing I can think of, which may or may not be useful, is the transportation of those flower pots to Fairfield (was it last month?) There were so many and they were beautiful. Anyway, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

    By Maria Skrzynska (20/08/2023)

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