Nurture and Nature

On 16th March, we sowed seed for seventeen types of tomato. We ran out of space on our heated seed tray, so twelve varieties were simply sown in trays, covered with a propagator lid and put in the “sun” in the conservatory. The value of “nurture” is clear from the image – good germination for all of the ones from the heated seed tray, virtually nothing to be seen yet in the other trays (though I think one may be trying to poke through this afternoon).
The same day (Mondays are our sowing day) we sowed three varieties of tall Heritage peas – Magnum Bonum, Stephens and a new one, Telephone. All in identical sowing media, all kept on the same bench in the conservatory, but again the second image tells a story. Almost 100% germination for Telephone, and barely a sign for the others. So the difference here is not nurture, but nature – a genetic difference.
‚ÄčAll fairly obvious, but nice to see it evidenced.

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